Date: 2012-12-02 11:51 pm (UTC)
insidethechimney: (srs business)
o You can totally operate on Pinkie and Kyle. I might even make Kyle need surgery just for you. <3

o Pinkie - yes, but keep it light hearted if you can? It'll be made easier by the fact that she would totally want to see inside herself and would probably be more fascinated than horrified. And would probably be questioning him all the way through.
Kyle - like you can do anything worse to him than in certain episodes. Go nuts.

o Describing is fine, but see squicks! I'm pretty hard to gross out, but I have a couple of NOOOO buttons.

o Pinkie - no. Kyle...I'm leaning towards yes but can we chat about it if it happens? (I am the worst mun ever to Kyle, really.)

o I don't like hearing about tendons, injections or gynaecology (which totally won't come up BUT MAN EW STUFF HAPPENING DOWN THERE). Other than that, I am happy with any ludicrous gore!
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