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Herreee's my permission post. As you probably know, Alan is a "surgeon". As you also probably know, his methods are rather violent . SO!

☤- Can Alan operate on your character with really bizarre, almost superhuman skill, if they require surgery?

☤- Can Alan use "brutal" methods to heal your character? (they will be healed when its over and survive no matter how severe the damage Alan caused.) Brutal methods are to close stitches, chainsaws to remove too heavily damaged organs, etc. Since he now has access to real medical tools, this LIKELY will not happen, but just in case..

☤ - Do you want gross/healing scenes to be fade to black or described? Do you care?

☤ - Can Alan bring your character back to life if they die? NOTE: this is a serious question to consider as 1) your character will likely be fucked up both mentally and physically 2) if your character has missing limbs they will be replaced with miscellaneous junk. FOR EXAMPLE, Alan brought this reindeer back to life.

☤ - Anything I should know about? Squicks, details about your character that would effect his abilities, etc. etc?

Date: 2012-12-05 12:43 am (UTC)
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Alan can operate on any and all of my characters should they require surgery (this means Dean Winchester, Evelyn Carnahan, and Athos).

Go ahead and use brutal methods, just expect the general reaction of WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

To be honest, writing super-gross torture-y things and being overly descriptive about them is one of my favorite things, so I've got no problem reading it.

As for bringing them back to life, I think I'll wait to cross that bridge until I get there? Just in case I change my mind at the time, or want them to die, or something.

None of my characters can regenerate, have supernatural abilities, et cetera. Dean, however, has been tortured for thirty years in Hell and spent another ten years there putting the Spanish Inquisition to shame with his, ah, "methods," so he might take umbrage with Alan.

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