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images to define a soul.

blood, medical themes, syringes, bugs, spiders, etc. ITS REALLY GROSS IN HERE...

//don't say i didnt warn you// )
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Herreee's my permission post. As you probably know, Alan is a "surgeon". As you also probably know, his methods are rather violent . SO!

☤- Can Alan operate on your character with really bizarre, almost superhuman skill, if they require surgery?

☤- Can Alan use "brutal" methods to heal your character? (they will be healed when its over and survive no matter how severe the damage Alan caused.) Brutal methods are to close stitches, chainsaws to remove too heavily damaged organs, etc. Since he now has access to real medical tools, this LIKELY will not happen, but just in case..

☤ - Do you want gross/healing scenes to be fade to black or described? Do you care?

☤ - Can Alan bring your character back to life if they die? NOTE: this is a serious question to consider as 1) your character will likely be fucked up both mentally and physically 2) if your character has missing limbs they will be replaced with miscellaneous junk. FOR EXAMPLE, Alan brought this reindeer back to life.

☤ - Anything I should know about? Squicks, details about your character that would effect his abilities, etc. etc?
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Name: Lo.
DW username: None still LOL.
IM: diotimacenest.

Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Alan Probe.

Series: Amateur Surgeon.

Timeline: Near the end of Act 3.

Canon Resource Link:  here.

NOTE: This wiki page is actually wrong. It states that Dwayne/Horrace was the one going around killing criminals, when it really was Aureola. You can see that for yourself in the final cutscene: start at 6:48.

Character Background:

Alan was an unwitting 19 (ish) year old pizza boy who happened to get involved in an old disgraced doctor's suicide attempt. He ran him over with his van accidentally. Luckily, the doctor, Dr. Bleed, had second thoughts and decided to coach Alan into performing surgery on him right then and there with very limited tools. He survived, and Alan, already obsessed with his dream of becoming a doctor, prodded Dr. Bleed into teaching him how to perform surgery. Word got out, and one thing lead to another. Vagrants, criminals, and other weird characters showed up in the warehouse the pair set up as a makeshift clinic. Alan, in short, was a natural at surgery. He desired to go to the city and make a name for himself there.

One day a weird french (?) dude named Horrace showed up when Bleed was out on a walk. Horrace wanted to be cut open, so Alan obliged, finding a mass amount of grotesque mutant bugs living inside him. Horrace fled after Alan did a sufficient de-bugging, but Alan accidentally left a few bugs inside.

When Bleed returned, he announced his agreement to Alan's desire to move to the city. In the city, they set up a new back alley clinic and became involved in stopping a crime spree. Someone was running around trying to kill other criminals in a vigilante effort. Many of these people ended up on Alan's makeshift surgical table.

Alan figured out a young woman was responsible for the attempted homicides. Her name was Aureola (lol), and Bleed theorized she was looking for him.

In an attempt to try to kill another person, she fed a bomb to a man named Guts, who ran to Alan for help. Alan partially defused it. Aureola showed up after Alan disarmed the bomb and berated Alan for fixing up some "low life." Dr. Bleed then confessed that he was the one Aureola was looking for, as he was the one who killed her parents. (A lie).

You seeee, Dr. Bleed was involved in a series of murders  that caused the old hospital in the city too be closed down. Horrace, who's real name was Dwayne, was actually a rouge doctor trained by Bleed who decided to go about systematically murdering people. The reason? Well, Dwayne just snapped. He went mad, basically. Dr. Bleed, in an effort to protect Dwayne, took the blame and ended up a vagrant. He would later attempt suicide by stepping in front of Alan's van, and start the plot of the game.

Dwayne, who was apparently lingering around the hospital during the confession, made an appearance. Aureola somehow knew that Bleed wasn't responsible, but Dwayne was, so she turned on Dwayne and tried to throw the partially defused bomb at him. It exploded in her face. Alan pretty much JUMPED on her and cleared the shrapnel from her body.

Dwayne injected Dr. Bleed with a poison after Alan saved Aureola. He purposefully left Alan alive, believing Alan would be more miserable if he couldn't save his mentor. Well Alan did save Dr. Bleed and refused to let him die even as his organs were all shutting down one after the other. Later in canon, Dwayne was caught by the police leaving the scene. The trauma of being beat up by the police officer caused Dwayne to have an issue with the bugs that Alan didn't take out. Alan tossed him on the surgical table after saving Bleed and did another battle with creepy bugs, taking out more of the critters inside Dwayne.

The officer asked Alan who was behind all of the past murders, and Alan said it was Dwayne, sparing Aureola from going to prison.

This is where he'll be brought to eway from!! ta da!!

Alan is described as being a moron, which is pretty true, but not entirely. Generally he's immature, childish, snarky, and cracks inappropriate jokes even in intense situations where people could die. Alan is chipper almost always and extremely enthusiastic. He occasionally writes in CAPS for emphasis, and almost everything he says is backed by an exclamation point! Alan is basically running on 100% all the time. He is best compared to a gerbil on cocaine. He hints at minor sadistic tendencies but has a genuine heart of gold despite his desire to be covered in gore.

He also..isn't that bright. Even with this, he still happens to be a pretty well rounded character!! He rarely takes much seriously, and has a black sense of humor. He is obsessed with everything to do with medicine, surgery and gore. He loves girls, and can be awkwardly overconfident with them.

He is genuinely pretty funny (imo..) and likes wordplay and puns. Basically, Alan is a pretty "cracky" character, however, he does have a not cracky side. Alan is extremely determined to save people, and extremely passionate about his job. He can get attached to people, and once he does, he will stop at nothing to make sure they're okay.  Believe it or not, through the jokes and through the moronic behavior he has, he genuinely means well. He can be serious and shows his seriousness especially at the end of act 3. This is further shown in the second game (which is soul crushingly sad). He also has a strong work ethic, believing people should earn what they get. Despite having an iron stomach, he shows disgust a few times in the series, especially when operating on a cannibal and finding half digested body parts.

He's gifted and he knows it, and uses that gift well. Yeah, he is a cocky little thing, but he kind of has reason to be cocky. He refers to himself as a genius, scribbling that as his occupation on his notebook. Don't think this is all talk, Alan literally is a medical prodigy, capable of extreme feats of almost superhuman accuracy and speed. He's been compared to an idiot savant by his wife later in canon. Later he begins opening hospitals, and everyone, even the high government, turns a blind eye because his skill is SO EFFICIENT.

Yes, everyone in canon, including the police, unanimously decide not to close Alan's facilities down or impose regulations on them because he is insanely good at what he does. Eventually they are legalized entirely!!

Abilities/Special Powers:

Alan can operate on people successfully with a pizza cutter and a lighter. These people are cured and manage to survive. He's a medical genius, or a butcher, depending on who you ask. HOWEVER, his improvised tools will probably change when he has access to actual medical equipment. He can also revive people ala Frankenstein. (clearing this with the mods.)

He has a keen interest in machines (especially automated surgery machines) and carnivorous plants. Anything SCIENCE related is up his alley. He has the morals of a mad scientist, especially shown in a few of his "failed projects" in the game he's featured in later in canon.

Alan is a tinkerer by nature, albeit a clumsy one.

He's a medical prodigy despite his humble origins. Alan basically can cure whatever ails ya and make sure you survive, but it's probably going to hurt a whole lot while he does it.

Third-Person Sample:

So, Alan's went a little crazy with the magical wonderland closets. There's video games, soda machines, a couple cats, a throne made out of fake skulls, a vast amount of medical equipment, and a back wall that is entire filled with sharp objects of different sizes. The hospital ward he's set up looks like a mix between a fun house, a serial killer's lair, and a hospital.

"..I think that does it for today."

He sinks into the silly skull throne, thinking to himself. It really is quiet around here, too quiet for him. He's gotten used to the bustle of the city, the constant influx of patients, and, of course, sleeping on cardboard. Man, he almost misses sleeping on cardboard and waking up to Dr. Bleed snoring. He pauses, looks at all the sharp objects on the walls, and briefly remembers home. This..isn't where he wants to be, and it's not what he wants to be doing! Sure, there's blades, blood, and the events where he can actually cut up help people. Hell, these people need him! Still...

It isn't right.

He wants Bleed to be here, too. The minutes he spent in that abandoned hospital were important moments. He wanted to be there when Bleed woke up from the toughest thing he's ever done in his life, to let him see that he would never turn on him the way that Dwayne did. One of the scraggly looking felines he "made" rubs affectionately on his leg. Alan picks it up, grinning dumbly.

"You know what I'll name you?.."

"Dr. Bleed."

First-Person Sample:

[Set a few days after being accustom to the weirdness of Wonderland.]

Whew! These closets sure are convenient. Every place should have magical wish granting closets.

So, If anyone needs anything, I set up a medical ward on the fourth floor! It's the grand opening of Probe's hospital, Wonderland edition. It's seriously cool and you should definitely check it out.

There's even an arcade! You can play Space Invaders while getting your bones set! Given that it's not your fingers or arms, of course.

..If only I could find room for that komodo dragon breeding pen.

☤ - HMD.

Nov. 26th, 2012 04:48 pm
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SUP SCRUBS. Am I doing this wrong? Am I playing Alan too silly, not silly enough?
I'm THE ONLY PERSON on the internet to play this guy so far. Please help me be awesome enough at playing Alan to do him justice.

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